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Formats (Updated: September 8, 2012)

The following formats are found in 10 Soundware content:

WAV (24-bit/44.1 kHz)The primary audio format used in 10 Soundware content. While WAV is a highly universal format, please be aware that some applications do not support 24-bit resolution.
EXS24In addition to Appleís EXS24 mkII and EXSP24 mkII, the sampler format is also supported by products such as Native Instruments Kontakt, Mark of the Unicorn Mach Five, Steinberg Halion, and Digidesign Structure. However, EXS24 instruments by 10 Soundware are designed for use solely within the EXS24 mkII and EXSP24 mkII plug-ins included with Apple Logic Pro and Logic Express. Proper playback with third party samplers is not guaranteed. In addition, due to enhancements in modulation routings for the mkII version, .exs files by 10 Soundware are not backward compatible with the EXS24 mkI sampler.
KontaktKontakt is a sampler by Native Instruments. Kontakt sound sets by 10 Soundware use the monolith variant of the .nki file format, and is not compatible with Kontakt Players, the free sample players. Furthermore, the version 5.0.2 update is required for use under Kontakt 5.
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